Hi my name is Clifton, I'm the "C" in CJ HURD DESIGNS and as you my have guessed the "J" is my wife Jennifer. I design and draft our projects and Jennifer loves to use her innate creativity to assist in home design.

I recieved my drafting training in Vancouver at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and Graduated in 1995. In my career as a Draftsperson I've continuously been employed by major Canadian Engineering firms doing Structural detailed design.

In 2003 we relocated to Lethbridge from the coast, and bought a new home. As with many new homes the basement was not yet developed. CJ HURD DESIGNS began in 2004 with a simple 800 sq. ft. basement development. My own! CJ HURD DESIGNS was born.

The following year my Mother in Law moved to Lethbridge and decided to build a new home of her own. Her builder told us she could save $2500 by having the Construction drawings drawn up herself. With the costs of the building project mounting she decided that she would like to have me draw up the house. CJ HURD DESIGNS had its first real client!

Ok, it was my Mother-In-Law, but as you may have experienced Mother-In-Laws can be quite particular.

I enjoyed Drafting up that home so much I decided I would offer my services to the community. I continue to work for a major Engineering firm in Lethbridge and draw up house plans as a home based business.

With the current housing boom in Lethbridge each year the custom home design industry has been increasingly busy. As more and more people desire a home with more of thier own personal touch and desire to get away from cookie cutter "spec. homes" of the past CJ HURD DESIGNS has seen an increase not only in the amount of projects but also the complexity of the designs.

We look forward to assisting you in making your dream a reality!